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Production Equipment & Precision Special Machine

We contribute to manufacturing of the customers with the high-reliability FA technique.We support totally from design to manufacture of custom-made automation equipment.As a total supplier of FA system and auotation equipment, we take care of not only development and conceptual design but also processing, assembly and electrical control with high technologies.

Equipment related to automobile

  • Rear Axle Assy Loading Device
  • Front Axle Hub Automatic Feeder
  • Differential Carrier Cap Automatic Assembling Device
  • Differential Case & Bearing Press Fitting Device
  • Differential Gear Full Automatic Assembling Device
  • Rear Axle Shaft Assy Full Automatic Assembling Device
  • Rear Hub & Bolt Press Fitting Device
  • Drive Unit Assembling Machine
  • Transmission Case & Oil Seal Press Fitting Machine
  • Oil Pump Assembling Device
  • Water Pump Body Inner Diameter Measuring Machine
  • Front Lamp Welding & Caulking Device
  • Snap Ring Automatic Loading Machine
  • T/M Case Cover & FIPGIPG Application Device
  • Counter Gear, Input Gear, Bearing
  • Composite Press Filling Machine
  • Pin Semi-automatic Caulking Machine
  • Compressor Roller Heater
  • Alternator Shaft Automatic Feeder
  • Clutch Plate Combining Assembling Machine
  • Subframe & Low Arm Assembling Machine
  • Compressor & Oil Seal Assembling Machine
  • Brake Hose Full Automatic Assembling Device
  • Fuel Hose Full Automatic Assembling Device
  • Power Sheet Gear Assembling Device

Precision Equipment Assembling & Characteristic Inspection Equipment

  • Rear Axle and Shaft Full Length Measuring & Comparison Measuring Device
  • Front Axle & Leak Tester
  • Slide Door Durability Tester
  • Mission Cover Air Leak Measuring Instrument
  • Characteristic Inspection Machine
  • Stick Coil Performance Inspection Machine
  • Aging Device
  • Power Molding Device
  • Ceramic Calking Device
  • Swaging Device
  • Catalyst Manufacturing Inspection Device
  • Exhaust Gas Sensor Automatic Assembling Device
  • Sensor Performance Inspection Device
  • Tool Automatic Packing Device

Equipment related to board production

  • Hot Press (Coining Device) Special Machine Model
  • Hot Press (Coining Device) General-purpose Machine Model
  • Soldering Robot General-purpose Machine Model
  • Set of Board Conveyors Special Machine Model
  • Board Rack Loader/Unloader

Image Processing Inspection Measuring Equipment & Management System

  • Front Axle Barcode System
  • Glass Tube Forming Dimension Inspection Device
  • Disk Image Inspection Machine
  • Welding Mark Image Inspection Device
  • Damage and Dent Inspection Machine
  • Rotating Light Cutting 3D Measuring Device
  • 3D Measuring System
      Solder Paste Focus Depth Measuring System
      Dispenser Application 3D Inspection
  • Pattern Projection 3D Measuring Device
  • Spot Welding Visual Inspection System
  • Cone Surface Inspection System