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Mold Design and Manufacture

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Mold Design & Manufacture

Design, manufacture and maintenance of mold for plastic and rubber

In recent year, the environment surrounding the Japanese mold industry are changing drastically.We keep challenging by utilizing our original technique and skill based on the experience over 37 years and accepting and adapting changes.

Product & Survive

1. Design and manufacture of plastic mold for injection

【For Automobile】
・Interior and exterior plastic products (injection molding products)
・Functional Parts etc.

It is possible to manufacture molds of 100t-2,000t.
We are good at making deep molds.

2. Maintenance and repair of mold

We are dedicated to quick and flexible maintenance and repair from customers' viewpoint.


1. Making of molds with high reliability which matches customer needs

①Simple design
②Simple structure
③Good processing and finishing techniques

We produce good molds with strength and durability which are second to none with technical know-hows supported by the experience for over 37 years.

2. Maintenance which technical strength and mobility are utilized for

Strong maintenance support system by the original network

We provide the back up system to be able to handle customer needs and requirements no matter various and hard they are by utilizing the original network.Fortunately, we are highly evaluated as the "strongest mold rescue" in the industry.

Please feel free to inquire us (Special for The Mold Division)
Hiroshima Factory
(Mainly Plastic)
TEL 082-433-3833
FAX 082-433-4470
〒739-0266 2602-1 Shiwa-cho Okuya, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima
Fukuoka Factory
(Mainly Plastic)
TEL 0949-66-3838
FAX 0949-66-3800
〒820-1106 19-2, Naradu-deguchi, Kotake-cho, Kurate-gun, Fukuoka