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Engineer Dispatch & Development Design

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Environment and Water & Sewage Plant

We do engineer dispatch and consigned design by being requested from major environment and water & sewage plant makers.And we design and manufacture various equipment and devices to support customer needs.

Consigned Design

We support various designing accompanying construction of environment and water & sewage equipment based on the accumulated experience.We do consigned designs including not only development, planning and design of new products but also detailed design of piping, duct and steel products.

Engineer Dispatch

Various engineers are necessary for plant equipment.We take care of various needs related to construction of plant equipment from basic design works such as mechanical design, electrical design and piping design to water treatment equipment, Dehydration equipment, burning equipment and deodorization equipment.

Design and manufacture of machine equipment

Conveyance equipment which is necessary for plant machine equipment should be able to endure rough environments.We have a lot of experience in providing to plants etc. and the experience cultivated over the years.

Repair Work

We repair both machine equipment that we provided to plants and equipment of other companies quickly.

We take care fro design to execution management with solid techniques.

Operation and Maintenance

The importance of operation and maintenance of plants will increase in the future.We will concentrate on trial operation and maintenance work by utilizing our experience in designing and providing of equipment.